3 Natural Bath Products That Can Solve Skin Problems

Posted on: 20 May 2020

When you take a bath, you have the chance to kick back, relax, and soak in soothing bubbles. However, many natural products you have around the house can improve your skin texture and complexion, while solving age-old problems like itchiness or redness. Here are three natural bath products that can solve skin problems. 

1. Epsom Salt

Prized for its ability to soothe sore muscles, Epsom salt is inexpensive and has many other household uses, including laundry and household cleaning. However, you can use Epsom salt in the bath as a natural exfoliant to reduce dryness and flakiness. After your skin is wet, rub some Epsom salt on the bottom of your heels, on your legs, or even your arms and body to scrub away grime and dead skin cells. Adding a few scoops of Epsom salt to your bathwater can also relieve inflammation after a sunburn, so keep some on hand.  

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been used by people for hundreds of years as a natural treatment for dry, itchy skin caused by sunburn, eczema, insect bites, or even chickenpox. After adding some natural oatmeal to a bath, you can kick back and enjoy a profound sense of itch relief that is caused by the anti-inflammatory properties of this natural grain. Oatmeal can also soak up extra oil on the skin, which can help with acne. Keep some oatmeal handy in a glass jar next to your bath, and place a few scoops into the water. To keep the grains out of your drain, use a drain strainer to keep pieces from going down the plumbing system. 

3. Milk

Milk baths smooth the skin and help to soften the skin. To enjoy a milk bath, place a few cups of whole milk into the bath with you, and soak in the tub. The fats and proteins in the milk will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple, while the milk also creates an opaque appearance that is relaxing to look at. When you take a milk bath, be sure to rinse the tub thoroughly afterward to prevent bad odors and lingering films. 

The next time you decide to take a bath, consider adding one of these natural bath products right into the water. In addition to making it easy to enjoy a relaxing, soothing bath, you can also relish in the peace of mind that comes with the fact that you aren't using any artificial dyes or ingredients on your skin or hair. Keep natural bath products handy so you can always treat yourself. Look in stores or online to find natural bath products