Five People Who Can Benefit From Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Posted on: 29 December 2017

Scalp micro pigmentation is essentially a scalp tattoo, although rather than using the same ink and penetration of the skin methods, micro pigmentation is gentler (i.e. doesn't penetrate the same number of skin layer), which ensures that the tattoo better matches your natural hair color. There are many different reasons someone might consider this for themselves. Here are five specific people who might find benefits from it:

  1. Those With Crown Balding: Crown balding is when the hairline has receded and essentially does not look natural anymore. With scalp micro pigmentation, you can restore the appearance of your hairline to bring it back to where it always has been. The benefit of doing this is that you don't appear to have aged as much. 
  2. Those With Thinning Hair: Over time, the hair can thin, as well, which ultimately leads to hair loss because the hair is not as durable as it once was. Scalp micro pigmentation can fill the look of your hair appearing full and still thick, which allows you to keep your hair for a longer period of time before balding occurs. 
  3. Those With Complete Baldness: Once you have gone completely bald, micro pigmentation at least allows you to retain a hairline that ensures you continue to appear young because it will appear as if you have a buzz cut rather than full on baldness. 
  4. Those With Alopecia: Alopecia is when you have sudden hair loss that doesn't start and stop in on the top of the head making it's way back. Instead, the hair loss is generally in random patches. On top of this, it doesn't always start at an older age, but can occur at any time in one's lifetime. To combat issues of insecurity from this, micro pigmentation of the scalp can help make the head continue to appear full and cover those patches. 
  5. Women: Finally, it's helpful to note that this isn't just for men, which is a common misconception. Women with alopecia, thinning of the hair, and more can use micro pigmentation of the scalp to make their hair appear full again. You can continue to keep your long hair if desired by filling out patches that doesn't make it feel like you have to go completely bald because of hair loss. 

Benefiting from scalp micro pigmentation just might be the answer for you. If so, definitely consider at least a consultation for treatment, such as at Beauty Amplified Studio, to see what your specific options might be in your case.