Before You Buy: Four Questions Answered Relating To Skin Lightening Products

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Have you been considering the purchase of lightening products or bleaching and fading creams to correct an issue involving your complexion? If so, you may have some important questions you are seeking answers to. Perhaps you are wondering what these products are used for, if there is a risk of side effects and how these products work. Before you set out to buy a skin lightening or bleaching cream, familiarize yourself with all the aspects, and get your questions answered now:

1. What Are Skin Lightening Products Used For?

Skin lightening products and fading creams may be used for several reasons. Primarily, these products are used to fade skin blemishes, freckles, age spots and acne scarring. Some individuals also use these products to conceal discolored or uneven skin tone. Cosmeticians may use skin lightening products to lighten their clients' dark skin tones.

2. How Do Skin Lightening Creams Work?

The main way these products work is by minimizing the amount of a skin pigment called melanin, which causes dark coloration. Most products are sold as creams that are to be applied to the area where treatment is desired. Skin lightening products may also be in the form of a pill or capsule.

3. What Are the Main Ingredients Used in These Creams?

Just about every type of skin lightening or bleaching cream will include an ingredient known as hydroquinone. If you purchase a skin lightening cream over the counter, the amount of this ingredient will typically be no higher than two percent. For those who wish to see stronger results, a prescription from a doctor may be necessary. Prescriptions typically contain higher amounts of hydroquinone.

It is important to read labels carefully, as some creams manufactured in other countries outside of the United States may include mercury in their products. Check for hypoallergenic listings as well.

4. Are There Risks or Side Effects Involved When Using Skin Lightening Products?

There may be some potential risks involved when using any type of skin lightener. These risks may be reduced by taking a few simple precautions, however. When using this type of product, it's important to reduce exposure to the sun. Protect yourself with a sunscreen when going outdoors.

Some individuals may be at risk for infection from the steroids which are often used in skin lightening products that are absorbed through the skin. Allergic reactions or skin irritation may also be an issue. As a general precaution, skin lightening and bleaching creams should not be used without first consulting with a physician.