3 Things To Look For In A Personal Portable Shampoo Bowl

Posted on: 17 May 2017

If you don't like taking a shower to wash your hair every day, or if you find yourself fighting for the shower when you need to wash your hair at home, a good solution may be a portable shampoo bowl. Here are three things to look for when shopping for a portable shampoo bowl that you can use in your kitchen or bathroom sink.

#1 Size

One of the most important things that you need to take into consideration is the size of the sink where you plan on using the portable shampoo bowl. Think carefully about what room of the house that you want to use the bowl in so you can ensure that the bowl fits comfortably in that sink.

You are going to want to measure your sink so that you have an accurate size measurement. You will want the bowl to fit the size and shape of your sink. For example, if you have a square sink, you'll want a square shaped shampoo bowl. Or if your sink is oval in shape, you'll want an oval shampoo bowl.

The bowl should fit comfortably and snugly inside of the sink where you plan on using the shampoo bowl.

#2 Weight

The second thing that you want to take into consideration is the weight of the shampoo bowl. Presumably, since you are using the shampoo bowl at home, you are going to want the shampoo bowl to be portable, which means that you are going to want it to be made out of lightweight materials.

For example, a shampoo bowl made out of plastic is a lot more logical than one made out of stone for at-home, portable use. Make sure that you will be able to handle the weight of the shampoo bowl that you purchase and you'll be able to easily move it around your home for use.

#3 Style

Finally, you are going to want to take into consideration the style of the bowl. Some shampoo bowls are just bowls that catch the water as you wash your hair. Others have neck rests so that you have a place to rest your head while you wash your hair. Some come with trays so that you can lay your hair on the tray as you wash it. Shampoo bowls also come in different colors, so you can choose one that fits the style of your home.

Make sure that you pick a shampoo bowl that will fit in your primary sink, is light enough for you to move around, fits your shampooing style and the style of your home. You can find shampoo bowls, hair shears, and more supplies from your local beauty supply store.