Why You Need a Glass Nail File

Posted on: 15 March 2017

If you love to pamper yourself by doing your own nails or giving yourself pedicures, you probably have a lot of tools to get the job done right. Tools such as nail files, clippers, cuticle scissors, and multiple colors of nail polish help you change up your look every other day. If you're still using a metal nail file or a cardboard emery board that dulls and needs to be replaced after just a few uses, you need to invest in a glass nail file instead. See below for benefits and reasons why you need to add a glass nail file to your inventory of nail tools.

Smooth Edges

Glass nail files give you a nice smooth edge without the jaggedness or roughness that metal or cardboard emery boards can leave. These smooth edges prevent breaking or splitting that are more common with other types of emery boards. There's nothing worse than spending the time doing your nails, only to have your nail split the next day, or snag on something, breaking your nail, and ruining your fresh manicure.

Guaranteed to Never Dull

Glass files are made of etched glass, meaning they will never dull over time. A glass nail file lasts quite a long time, as opposed to cardboard or metal emery boards, which may need to be replaced every few months. Ask about a lifetime guarantee on your glass nail file. Be sure to keep your nail file in a secure pouch when not in use. These files are made of glass, meaning they can crack and break if dropped.

More Hygienic

Because these files are made of glass, they will not absorb bacteria and other germs. They are easy to sterilize and clean, as opposed to other types, which can absorb germs and cannot be sterilized. The germs and bacteria on nail files and other nail tools can spread infection, so cleaning and sterilizing them is extremely important.

Saves Time

Filing your nails with a glass nail file helps save you time, as you can skip some steps you would normally need to take such as buffing your nails to help give them a nice shine. Glass files buff your nails at the same time. 

Glass nail files may be more expensive than cardboard or metal emery boards, but because they last so long, they are worth the investment. Your nails will look and feel much better using a high quality glass nail file.