Strengthening Your Hair After Having Bleach Highlights Put In

Posted on: 23 December 2015

Highlights can help lighten your hair color, while also adding in depth. Unlike coloring your hair, highlights are strategically placed in small sections around your crown to create this effect without adding color to all of your hair. If you are looking to lighten light brown or dirty blonde hair, bleach may be used to create the lightened look. While highlights are less damaging than using bleach on your entire head, it can still damage the strands it is placed on. As such, it is important to properly care for your hair and strengthen it after having bleach highlights placed. Here are three ways you can strengthen your hair.

Cut Back on How Often You Shampoo Your Hair

Bleach is able to lighten the color in your hair by stripping pigment out of your hair. However, in the process, it also strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils. As such, your hair is going to be much more dry, especially right after the bleach highlights were placed on your hair. When you shampoo your hair, the shampoo helps to remove some of the natural oils on your hair and scalp. This dries your hair out even more, and strips it of what little oils you had. When you have bleach highlights, you will want to shampoo your hair less frequently than you did before to minimize this drying effect. If you were washing your hair every other day, try to switch it to every third day. And if you find that you simply can't go that long between shampoos, use a dry shampoo on the scalp, to absorb only the oils on your scalp, rather than all those in your hair.

Use a Moisturizing Strengthening Conditioner

Since bleach strips oils from your hair those areas are dry and thirsty. In order to strengthen those strands, switch to a moisturizing conditioner. Moisturizing conditioners have extra nutrients to help provide your hair with the moisture it desperately needs after it has been bleached. Additionally, you can apply virgin olive oil to the strands to give them add moisture. However, be aware that this may leave your hair greasy.

Protein Treatments

If you find that your hair is extremely dry immediately after having bleach highlights placed, talk to your hair stylist about protein treatments. Protein treatments consist of rubbing a hot oil treatment into your hair and scalp. This oil is filled with protein and nutrients which immediately help to strengthen dry or weak hair. This treatment can be done immediately following hair bleaching treatments at the salon. There are also home protein treatments you can purchase. The home treatments work in a similar fashion and can be used up to three times per week on extremely damaged hair.

Protect Your Hair From the Sun

The sun can naturally dry out your hair. And if your hair is dry from bleach, this can make it brittle and more prone to breakage. As such, you will want to protect your hair from the sun anytime you plan on being outdoors for a lengthened period of time. The two easiest ways to protect your hair from the sun include wearing a hat and putting your hair up in an up-do. If you are going to be in the sun and neither of those are options, in a spray bottle mix one and a half cup of water with three tablespoons of a cream-based sunscreen offering UV protection of 25 or more. Shake the bottle to mix the products up and then spray it on your hair. The sunscreen helps to protect your hair in the same fashion it helps to protect your skin.

If you are considering having bleach highlights put on your hair, try to get your hair as healthy as possible prior to bleaching it. If your hair is already weak, bleaching can cause more problems or cause your strands to break. After having bleach highlights placed on your hair, reducing the frequency with which you shampoo, using a moisturizing conditioner, applying protein treatments and protecting your hair from the sun can help minimize the damage done to your hair by bleach. This can keep your hair healthy and shiny, while also giving you the color and look you are after.