Dress It Up Or Dress It Down: Seven Inspirations For Your Little Black Dress

Posted on: 20 August 2015

That little black dress is timeless, fashionable and chic, and it goes with everything. You can dress it up or dress it down, so whether you're wearing it for a cocktail party, the office or a night on the town, you have options. Here are seven ideas, simple yet inspired, to get the most mileage (and compliments) from your little black dress:

1. Keep It Monochromatic

This simple, yet often overlooked, solution is highly effective for most any occasion. You probably have heard that black is a slimming color, and you can get the most out of that black dress by keeping the scheme monochrome, which means all the same color. A major advantage to monochromatic dressing: It can make a petite woman look taller.

When going monochrome with your little black dress, all your accessories must be in black to match your dress. Your shoes or boots may be black leather or suede, and your handbag and jewelry should be black as well. For a semi-casual outing, pair your little black dress with a black leather jacket.

2. Make Them See Red

Wearing red will add a splash of color and complement your little black dress just fine. Try a bold red lipstick, a red belt, red jacket or red shoes. It's a good idea to limit the red to one or two accessories only. The idea is to accentuate and not overpower the dress.

3. Consider Black and White for Day or Night

The contrast of white against black can make a stunning presentation. Try teaming your little black dress with a white jacket or sweater. Wear white pumps for nighttime, or choose white leather casual shoes for daytime. Don't forget the white purse and white hair accessories to add the finishing touch.

4. Add Silver and Gold

Whether it's your handbag, shoes or jewelry, you can't go wrong when wearing silver or gold with your little black dress. It's especially nice for the holiday season. If you favor sterling silver jewelry, be sure your handbag, shoes and accessories are silver as well. If gold jewelry is more your style, team that gold neck chain or bracelet with a complementary gold purse.

5. Shimmer and Shine

This may seem over the top, but with just the right touch you can add some pizzazz to your black dress. Head to the craft store and buy some glittering sequins and fabric glue. Add a shimmering color of sequins to that scoop neck or a line of shine down the side. Glue your sequined initials at the neckline. Get creative and make that dress your own, but don't overdo it.

6. Wear Tights

Choose a style of tights that are appropriate for the occasion. For casual or semi-casual daytime wear, opaque and sheer tights will look nice with your black dress. Nude tights are more fitting for a night on the town. For formal wear, choose suspender tights or patterned tights.

Are you in the mood for going retro? Why not create a look reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, but pairing that little black dress with some fishnet tights? This open-knit hosiery may be worn in solid black or you might choose a contrasting color to complement your black dress.

7. Think Layers

Adding a few layers to your little black dress will break you out of the doldrums. This look is most suitable for fall and winter. If your little black dress is sleeveless, you might add a long-sleeved top underneath for daytime wear.

For nighttime, consider layering with cute and snazzy vest or a cardigan, then top it off with a simple necklace. Alternatively, layer a strapless dress with a simple T-shirt, or a knit turtleneck. Many celebrities favor this look.

As long as you don't go overboard, there's really no wrong way to wear black. With a little imagination, you will find there are many ways to wear your favorite little black dress for any occasion. Updating a black dress with new accessories can offer you a new look every time. Click here for more info and ideas.