Tips For Choosing Human Hair Weave

Posted on: 9 January 2014

The selection of human hair weave is vast. There are a wide range of textures, colors, lengths, and styles available from which you can choose. Many women opt to wear weave to try out a new hairstyle, while others do so to protect their own natural hair. Regardless of your reason, it is important that you select a type of human hair weave that fits you. The right weave is virtually undetectable by most people. Length is important when you are buying human hair weave. There is a wide range of sizes available. If you are not sure about the style that you want, buying weave that is 12 to 16 inches is recommended. It is long enough for you to wear a long hair style if you choose, and also gives you the flexibility of cutting the hair down to the desired length if you wear a shorter hairstyle. It is important to remember that if you opt to curl the hair, it will appear to be shorter, so take this into account when selecting the hair. Another consideration you need to make when buying human hair weave is the color. You can find weave in every color from blonde to pink. If you are looking to blend the weave in perfectly with your own hair, pay close attention to the different shades. There is a huge difference between hair that is color 2 and 2b. The fine differences could impact how well the hair blends. You do not have to stick with hair that is your color is you wish to try something different. It is not uncommon to see women with human hair weave that is every shade of the rainbow. The important thing is that you are happy with the color that you have selected. If you are looking to add highlights, you may not have to dye or buy two different bags of hair. Some hair already has highlights in it. These are usually labeled with both color numbers printed on the packaging. Texture is one of the most important factors of selecting human hair weave. If you have naturally curly hair, adding straight hair can take away from the natural look of hairstyle. If you plan to completely hide your hair under the weave, the texture is not important. However, if you plan to blend, look for textures that are close or similar to yours. Some human hair weave packages are already precut into a hairstyle. There are often several pieces that you have to sew or glue into your own hair. If you do not have much experience with weave, this may be the best option for you. This is also true if you do not want to bother with cutting the weave into a hairstyle. Pay close attention to the installation instructions of the hair before making a purchase. Some weaves require you to apply the hair in one continuous as opposed to cutting and applying as you go. As part of buying human hair weave, from places like, you need to think about how you plan to close the weave. The closure is one of the most important parts of the weave. If your hair style is not properly finished, it can take away from the overall quality of the style. You have a few different options for a closure available to you. You can buy a closure that has already been made. This is easily glued or sewn into the hairstyle. You can also opt to make your own from the weave you have purchased. If you do not have experience with this, a hair stylist can make it for you.